UV Type A


Multi colour print

    RM 4.40 4.4 MYR RM 4.40

    RM 110.00

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    • Ultraviolet (UV) printing is the process of using UV inks instead of traditional inks.

    • While traditional inks are solvent based and dried via evaporation, UV inks are cured with UV light.

    • Does not require a block, and is suitable for multi-coloured, gradient printing.

    • UV Type A is suitable for small sized items such as pens, USBs and keyolders.

    • Pricing is usually determined by number of colours and size of the design.

    • Fixed minimum charge incurred for 100pcs or less.

    • Please view individual product information for maximum print area.

    QuantityPrice Per Unit (RM)
    < 100110 (min. charge)
    > 1011.10 - 1.50

    This table serves as a general guide only. Print price is subject to the size and number of colours on the logo.