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How to Calculate Printing Charges?

Print Types Requiring Block

  • Plastic/Metal Pad Print

  • Silkscreen (Standard/Folded Bag/Umbrella)

  • Roller Print

Imprint Quantity =  Units of Product x No. of Colour x No. of Sides
Block =  No. of Colour x  No. of Design

Eg: Metal Pad Print for 1,000 pens, 2 colours,1 side 
Metal Pad Print:  1,000 x 2 x 1  =  2000 units
Metal Pad Print Block:  2 x 1  =  2 units

Print Types  Not  Requiring Block:

  • UV

  • Embroidery

  • Heat Transfer

  • Laser Engraving

  • Digital Foil

Imprint Quantity =  Units of Product x No. of Sides
 *Not subjected to amount of colours

Eg: Heat Transfer for 300 umbrellas, Full Colour Print, 2 Panels
Heat Transfer:  300 x 2  =  600 units

FAQ on Printing
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