Embroidery Type D


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    • Embroidery is a process where your design is reproduced with direct stitching onto the product.

    • Does not require a block.

    • Printing can be done in multiple colours, without gradient.

    • Embroidery Type D is suitable for multi-layering of colours and complex designs.

    • Price is determined by intricacy and size of design. The more detailed and larger the design, the higher the charge.

    • Best suited for towels, and bags.

    • Fixed minimum charge incurred for 100pcs or less.

    • Please view individual product information for maximum print area.

    • Lead time is 5-7 business days. 

    TypeSize (cm)Details< 100 Units Base Charge (RM)Unit Price (RM)
    Embroidery D3x3 - 5x5Multiple colours and layering1405.00 - 7.00